Best heating in Chicago, Carrier air handling. Engineered to deliver perfectly consistent temperatures and unprecedented efficiency, fan coils are focused on warmth and savings.

Carrier Comfort™ Series Fan Coils

Comfort series fan coils are an economical and durable counterpart to a Comfort air conditioner or heat pump when there's no furnace indoors to move the air. They come with either multi- or fixed-speed blower motors to deliver cooling or heating comfort to your home for years to come.
Comfort™ Fan Coil fb4c

Model: FB4C, 5-Speed Blower Motor, R-410A Refrigerant.

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Comfort™ Fan Coil FX4D

Model: FX4D, 5-Speed Blower Motor, 
R-410A Refrigerant, ArmorCoat™​.

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Carrier Infinity® Series Fan Coils

Infinity fan coil is an essential companion to an Infinity system outdoor unit when there's no furnace inside to move the air.
 Infinity® Fan Coil FE4A

Model: FE4A, Variable-Speed Blower, R-410A Refrigerant.

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