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Ductless Systems
  1. Performance™ High Wall Indoor Unit 40MAQ

Performance™ High Wall Indoor Unit, 40MAQ, Indoor sound: as low as 27 decibels

Performance™ High Wall Indoor Unit 40MAQ, will keep you cool and comfortable during even the warmest days of the year. Carrier Performance Series Ductless Systems is equipped with:
  • Modes: Cool, Heat, Dry, Fan, Auto
  • Four indoor fan speeds

Fully Installed from:

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PerformanceTM Series ductless systems offer that perfect balance between budget limits you may have today and your desire for energy savings and comfort options.
This versatile, Performance™ Series wall-mounted indoor unit delivers deluxe comfort with four fan speeds and automatic louvers. It’s an efficient addition to either a Single Zone, MA High Wall Ductless System, or as part of our MG MultiZone Ductless System. Either way, it provides personalized comfort where you need it.

This Carrier Ductless Sytem is what you can expect. 10-year parts limited and 10-year compressor limited warranties to the original purchasing owner upon timely registration. If properly registered within ninety (90) days after original installation, parts are warranted to the original purchaser for a period of 10 years. Otherwise, parts warranty is 5 years. For other applications a 7-year parts and 7-year compressor limited warranties apply. See warranty certificate for details.

When noise is a concern, the ductless split systems are the answer. The indoor units are whisper quiet. There are no compressors indoors, either in the conditioned space or directly over it, and there is none of the noise usually generated by air being forced through ductwork.

If security is an issue, outdoor and indoor units are connected only by refrigerant piping and wiring to prevent intruders from crawling through ductwork. In addition, since the outdoor units can be installed close to an outside wall, coils are protected from vandals and severe weather.

This compact ductless system is simple to install. A mounting bracket is standard with the indoor units and only wire and piping need to be run between the indoor and outdoor units. These units are fast and easy to install ensuring minimal disruption to customers in the home or workplace. This makes the 40MAQ ductless systems the equipment of choice, especially in retrofit situations.

Removing the top panel on outdoor units provides immediate access to the control compartment, providing a service technician access to check unit operation. In addition, the draw-thru design of the outdoor section means that dirt accumulates on the outside surface of the coil. Coils can be cleaned quickly from the inside using a pressure hose and detergent. On all indoor units, service and maintenance expense is reduced due to easy-to-use cleanable filters. In addition, these high wall systems have extensive self-diagnostics to assist in troubleshooting.

Ductless system indoor and outdoor units are designed to provide years of trouble-free operation. The high wall indoor units include protection against freeze-up and high evaporator temperatures on heat pumps.
The condensing units on heat pumps are protected by a three minute time delay before the compressor starts the over-current protection and the high temperature protection.

Maximum comfort is provided because each space can be controlled individually based on usage pattern. The air sweep feature provided permits optimal room air mixing to eliminate hot and cold spots for occupant comfort. In addition, year-round comfort can be provided with heat pumps.

The ductless split system design allows individual room heating or cooling when required. There is no need to run large supply-air fans or chilled water pumps to handle a few spaces with unique load patterns. In addition, because air is moved only in the space required, no energy is wasted while air moves through the ducts.

The high wall units have microprocessor?based controls to provide the ultimate in comfort and efficiency. The user friendly wireless remote control provides the interface between the user and the unit.

Customizing these ductless split systems to your application is easily accomplished.
Adding a condensate pump accessory to the high wall fan coil provides installation flexibility.


All systems are listed with AHRI (Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute), and ETL.
  • Available in 115V and 208/230V
  • Modes: cool, heat, dry, fan, auto
  • Auto louver mode • Turbo mode
  • 4 fan speeds
  • Sleep mode

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  • Quiet operation, as low as 27 dB(a)
  • 46° F heating mode (heating setback)

  • Wireless remote controller included with indoor unit
  • Wired remote controller (optional)

  • Condensate pump (115V and 230V optional)
  • Insulated 25' line set

Compatible with:
  • 38MA*R Outdoor Unit Single Zone
Owners Manual
Carrier Limited Warranty